Power of Prayer

Prayer is powerful! My friends, answer to prayer comes in many different ways and takes on various forms and characters. I know there are people praying for me because, well, they prayed right in my living room. I know there are faithful others as well, some of who are following this blog. Thank you for praying and hanging in there – I’m no Jane Austen or anything. I get it.

We got an answer today in the form and character of the Radiology Manager at Jefferson Hospital, where I was to have an MRI and MRA study done later today. My new friend called this morning to discuss my tests. He had taken the time to look at what the doctor had ordered as well as my previous scans. (The purpose of the new studies ordered were to possibly uncover the cause of my syrinx such as a spinal dural fistula) This radiologist has knowledge and understanding of SM and also knew how to work up a more comprehensive and detailed study for me! He is going to personally call my doctor in New York as well as manage my MRI and MRA which is rescheduled for next week.

To me this is HUGE. For the most part, I’ve found, when you have a chronic illness you shuffle around between doctors, spend hours online doing research and have absurd conversations with your insurance company. A strange thing happens to you throughout this process. Your “human being-ness” seems to disappear and to them you become “a scan”, “a document”, “a payment” ,”a surgery.”

I am so grateful God used this ordinary person to bless me so profoundly. For the first time through this journey, I felt treated like a real person. I feel that God led me to someone who really understood my disease, which, in my experience, has not been common in the medical community. I also believe that because of the POWER OF PRAYER God intervened on my behalf and there will be some sort of better result according to His sovereign plan. Whatever that may be, I trust Him.

I would celebrate with Oreos but, well, they’re banned from my home. This song is so much better anyway. Praise with me!




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