Maybe My Story Has Just Begun

Far away from what’s familiar

Wind chiming through the day;

Stumbling around for footholds

A new reality is made.

Thoughts pile up more than snow.

You call out mighty trees from tiny seeds;

Staring out the window across ravine,

What are you calling out of me?

Trusting in your Sovereignty,

Not asking how and why;

Just give me strength for today

And grace to abide.

Where can I find you Lord?

On well-worn pages or a song;

Asking what’s perhaps already known,

Now where do I belong?

With limbs like melting candles,

And a heart that tries to run

Well there’s nothing wrong with my redeemed soul

Maybe my story has just begun.

My friends, I received a separate diagnosis at the Cleveland Clinic for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy or LGMD. Please take time to watch the video included. If you are unable to view in your email, try

Coming home tomorrow.

Journey with me.

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