Grace for Moms

Well these tired legs wouldn’t allow me to attend our church service today, but I know Jesus is by my side. My three greatest blessings jumped into my bed this morning and presented me with this rock (pictured below). I get a decorated rock every year, so I have quite a little path displayed outside of our home.

Every year the handprints get larger, and I think about how very small time becomes since it had to be only yesterday I held my babies swaddled in my arms.  As each precious moment ticks by, we often lament not being able to “bottle them up.” We cover our walls with photographs and save school projects, hoping to hold onto pieces of their childhood in our hearts.

We CAN make beautiful memories and share moments with our children that we will treasure always. As mothers, we will know them better than anyone else in the whole, wide world.

We can also pour our hearts into being a great mom, an excellent listener, a wonderful cook. You can take them to the best activities, plan the best vacations, and spend hours helping them with their science project.

But I dare say, at the end of the day, or more appropriately, at the end of their lives, none of that will matter if you they do not know Jesus. Put down the soufflé, order a pizza, and call your kids’ hearts to the Gospel of Grace. Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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