Grace to the Differently Abled (Part One)

Dear Reader,

I am dedicating my next post to a very special friend, Brian Moore. I had the privilege of getting to know Brian through Young Life’s Capernaum ministry. Robin Shelburne, a leader in Young Life ministries, introduced me to Brian and also played a very important part in convincing Brian that he, too, could be a ministry leader. Brian is now in training to be a Young life leader, which he refers to as “such a blessing.” Brian, 34, was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy at the age of 18 months old. He uses a wheelchair and depends on others for all of his physical care. However, Brian is cognitively very sharp, humorous, and wants to share his story as a platform to display God’s power and strength by working through him.

I am so inspired by Brian’s positive attitude and desire to glorify God in the midst of his struggle . I simply had to share his story with you! I concocted a plan to “interview” Brian and Robin set it up. I was suddenly a journalist. Robin and I met with Brian yesterday for the “interview”, and we had a blast together! Brian was cracking us up. He is also very honest, which I greatly appreciate. He said, laughing, “If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask me!”

We met at the Hollydell School and Adult Programs. ( Brian was able to secure a conference room at the school for our interview, so he must be people who know people around there. Just sayin’…

I don’t do Facebook, so I need your help, dear readers! My next post will be Brian’s interview, and we would love for his story to be read by many. Please consider posting on your walls or tweeting (did I get that right?) the link to my website once the interview is published. Thank you! My website is

Brian made a wonderful, witty remark at the end of our interview. He said, “I am not disabled. I am differently abled.”

Please share and enjoy the interview (coming next!) and be encouraged by Brian’s story! God can do amazing things with our lives when we trust Him. Robin and Brian pictured below.

With Love,

Katie Pierantozzi


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