Grace to the Differently Abled (Part Two)

 Interview with Brian Moore

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (Brian’s favorite verse)

Me: Brian, you recently were able to walk (with assistance) and I was very moved by the comments you made during Capernaum club about the experience. That is what inspired me to interview you and share your story with my readers. Can you tell me again how you felt and what you said about being able to walk that day?

Brian: Nothing is ever about me. It’s about glorifying God and carrying out His will for your life while you’re here. And using the gifts He’s given you to inspire those around you and showing how powerful He is by putting people in your life to help facilitate your dreams and goals and to help carry out God’s will for your life.

Me: What is your medical diagnosis?

Brian: Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and I had cancer when I was 25, but I’ve been cancer free for 10 years. (big smile)

Me: What are your greatest physical challenges?

Brian: I am unable to stand. I can’t dress or shower myself. I need assistance with all my self-care. I have a home health aide 60 hours per week and I have coverage for a total of 90 hours per week. I have lived in my own place for 10 years. (Big smile) I try to live life as normal as possible. I go shopping with my aides. I tell them what I want for dinner and they make it for me. My home health aide is like family and has done extra time as a volunteer.

Me: Do you experience pain?

Brian: I have pain everyday.

Me: How do you spend your time?

Brian: Four out of five days a week I am at Hollydell. I also coach baseball.

Me: Wait…what? That’s awesome! Tell me all about that.

Brian: (Big smile) The team I help coach is the Woodstown Heat. My 2 nephews, 10 years old and 12 years old, play on the team. I love coaching them but I’m an uncle first.

Me: That’s amazing! You must watch a lot of baseball too. What’s your favorite team?

Brian: Yes. The Phillies.

Me: What’s you favorite thing to do?

Brian: I want to share my baseball knowledge and be an uncle to my two nephews and be supportive of them. But also lead by example by showing them if I can be successful in life with my disability, and not make excuses when things don’t go right in my life, then they really shouldn’t either.

Me: What have you learned about yourself from having physical disabilities?

Brian: I believe it forces you to grow up and mature faster. There are things that you have to accept. There is no playing baseball and climbing trees. But there are other things I can do as far as inspiring people. I am training to become a leader in Capernaum. My mom said, “What is stopping you?” Darren and Robin and Christine talked me into it. It’s been such a blessing to me! Every time I roll out of Capernaum I feel uplifted. Always.

Robin: And that’s how people feel about you, for sure.

Me: What have you learned about others from having physical disabilities?

Brian: People are scared to death of what they can’t understand and what they can’t explain.

For a moment, I became lost in what Brian was saying and forgot to record it. Robin can tell you there was a brief pause in the interview as we connected over a shared understanding of how people tend to react to physical limitations. Of course Brian understands this on a much deeper level, and I am just beginning to get it. But there was laughter and, okay, a few of my tears as we both honestly admitted the desire for normalcy even at the cost of a minor physical injury. Sounds crazy, but I said sometimes I just want to go at my normal pace and if I fall, who cares! At least I have a minute or two of normal!  But that scares and upsets and bothers people. Brian wholeheartedly agreed and said that people get very nervous when he wants to go out on the field during his nephews’ baseball games. “Ask me if I have gotten hit with a baseball?!” This is when I came back to my senses and realized this was great stuff and began recording again.

Me: Have you ever gotten hit with a baseball?

Brian: Yes I have! But then that puts me in the normal category because my lip would swell up six feet like one of the players and that is priceless!! I would carry that swelled up lip around like a badge of honor. (big smile)

Me: I totally get that. You tell those people Katie said you’re going out on that field!

Brian: Next time I get hit with a baseball I will call you! (big smile)

Me: Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus and can you tell me about it?

Brian: Yes and I think it’s a daily growing process. I don’t think there’s an end to God’s power.

Me: Have your disabilities impacted your relationship with Jesus?

Brian: Yes, I admit to sometimes saying “woe is me.” Sometimes having to depend on other people for everything absolutely SUCKS. I know how things are supposed to go in my mind and getting my body to do these things is frustrating. I hate to admit it, but I forget to call on God for help. I call these four things my escape from reality. God is number one. My love for sports is number two. Music is three. And my support system (people) is four.

Me: How do you feel about the fact that God has the power to heal you but has chosen not to?

Brian: It says in the Bible that God never gives us more than we can handle so if He gave me this I must be a strong person. He wants me to use this as a platform to show off his power.

Me: What are specific ways you are doing that?

Brian: By walking. By coaching baseball. By opening up. By being vulnerable. By being honest. By my desire to express my love. By giving glory to God for all those things. If you want to see me do something, tell me I can’t do it.

Me: What do you want people to understand most about Brian Moore?

Brian: I refuse to be defined by my disability. It’s just a medical diagnoses and another hurdle I have to overcome. Because I’ve never known anything different, I don’t look at it as my disability, I look at it as my normal so I try to show that I am very capable and I just need a little assistance. My disability doesn’t affect my ability to love people at all. (big smile)

Visit to view a video of Brian’s favorite song. Please share Brian’s story for the purpose of encouraging and inspiring others, to the glory to God.


One thought on “Grace to the Differently Abled (Part Two)

  1. Love love love. Katie, you captured Brian so well in this interview and you point to Jesus so beautifully through this. Awesome. 🙂 ❤


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