From My Heart to Yours

I am dedicating this post to a whole lot of people so please bear with me. But I am overwhelmed with gratitude and just have to do this. So here goes.


Justin’s grandparents for amazing support at the hospital, my dad for being there when we received Justin’s diagnosis and providing continuous coffee and cheesesteaks, Justin’s other grandparents for taking impeccable care of Nicky and Michael (meals, rides, homework and on and on), my mom for extremely helpful organizational skills and always providing delicious home cooking and helping Nicky make a first rate history project, my brother Dan sending love and brother Dave cooking for my boys, Dave and my sister Marcie for hosting a “Sorry!” tournament for our boys, my girls Melissa and Kerry for cleaning and disinfecting our house and I’m talking bathrooms too, my other “brother” Scott for staying with Justin while we met with the oncology team, continuously checking on us and bringing a much-needed gallon of milk last night, our community life group for sending lots of snacks, our Pastor and pastor friends, Matt Pilla (and his lovely wife, my life-long friend) and Bob Barber, who came to pray over Justin, the most dedicated teacher, Mrs. Shultz, and her oh-so-thoughtful survival kit, the Kindergarten class and their adorable cards, the supermom Kindergarten room moms for gifts, cards and videos to cheer Justin, The mama warrior, Melissa Franklin, for stopping on the way to her own husband’s chemotherapy treatment to bring us coffee, Meg McFarland for using her lunch break to bring us coffee, Kirt for being there for Jeff, Kerry and Jen for wiping my tears and giving mama bear hugs and praying the paint off the walls of the CHOP lobby, the lovely Kathy and my cuz Lindsay for bringing all the essentials, the always-helpful-big-sis Lisa Small and cool dude Benjamin for hanging with Justin during oncology class, the 8th grade class and parents at GCCS for their extreme generosity, the wonderful 8th grade room moms for organizing, the Thursday morning Bible study girls for praying and just being so sweet, Young Life Capernaum ministry for taking good care of my Nicky and praying and making me smile, my sista Christine Barden for making me laugh, braiding my unwashed hair and organizing meals for the next couple weeks, all my lady friends who already signed up to cook for us, the talented Jessica Fields and my beautiful 11th grade friend for being so thoughtful, the delightful Heather Fogel for the softest sweater ever (worn everyday in the hospital), the timeless Sharon and Hawley Ham for reaching out in love, Christine and Cole Florczynski for amazing generosity, my wise and loving go-to-girl, Robin Shelburne, for her relentlessly encouraging texts and taking Nicky and Michael for an unforgettable day of sledding and pizza, Robin Barry and Rob Pascale for sharing great insight from their own experiences, sweet Becky Ross for CHOP survival tips, the ever-practical and efficient Kim Lawlor who helped me do laundry at the hospital and brought the date night white cheddar cheezits, the always pleasant Becky Russell for hosting a video game marathon with my boys and making posters for Justin, Valerie George for so wisely “NOT being like Job’s friends”, Sweet Jan for sending oh-so-good-chocolate-peanut-butter bars, friends and prayer warriors Desiree and Paula for praying in Mississipi and making Justin their “superhero”, my girl Kayla and her church praying in Nebraska, sweet Aunt Sandy and her ladies’ group, Thoughtful Sharon and Kristy sending treats from Pleasantville, Martin Fern for setting a “prayer alarm”, those who sent CHOP gift cards to support our cafeteria habit, Thoughtful Beckie and Gail praying in N.C., John and Kitty’s church praying in the mountains of PA (yes I’m trying the venison THIS week!), Becky Covelli for being awesome (maybe I’ll get to South Africa with you next time!), Sweet Christie praying in Missouri, the “always making me laugh” Mr. Netz for spreading the word so quickly calling for prayer (and thank you for not firing me when you walked in on me knitting in Trig class), Pastor Turner for “Air-heads”, the incredible faculty at GCCS, our wonderful family at New Life Fellowship, my New Life Kids class (love you guys), all students at GCCS (love hanging with…I mean…TEACHING ya!) The Friends of Israel chapel prayer time, my awesome sister-in-law for bringing groceries today, my dear sons, Nicky and Michael, for cheering Justin on FaceTime and being so well-behaved in our absence, and anyone who sent a card, text, scripture, or email. Everything has been read and oh so appreciated. Last, but certainly not least, my girl Sarah Fern, for encouraging me to start a blog, which turned out to be a really great outlet and super efficient way to reach out for prayer and keep friends updated.

Most of all, thank you for your faithful dedication to praying for Justin and our family. Please continue to pray for our boy.

Your support has been beyond incredible and surely of the Lord. I am planning to update you on Justin’s condition shortly, but I really wanted to take a time out to specifically mention the invaluable roles you all have played in supporting and sustaining us through this trying time. From my heart to yours, I love you and thank God for placing you in my life. God is good.

Grace be with you, my friends.


One thought on “From My Heart to Yours

  1. Hi Katie got your emails and I am so happy for you and jeff and family that you are surrounded by such wonderful,caring friends. I will continue to pray for you and the family Take care talk soon Love Kathy


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