Just the Details…

I took Justin to get his hair buzzed this morning. He normally wore a buzz cut anyway, but it had grown out in the hospital. The doctors told us that his hair would start to fall out by this week or next. When we were in the hospital, Justin said he didn’t want to have a “bald head.” I thought the transition from a very short hair cut might be less tramautic for him.

Justin will go into clinic tomorrow for IV chemo. He will go again on 9th of this month and he will have another spinal tap with chemo infusion in the hospital on the 16th. That will bring us to the end of the first 30 day cycle of chemotherapy. We will need to go back into the hospital at that point for another bone marrow extraction.

The oncology team will then examine blood and bone marrow samples to determine if the chemotherapy has been effective enough to put the leukemia into remission. Please pray with us toward that outcome.

“Nothing is impossible with God.”

Grace be with you, my friends.

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