Special Thanks

As I walk the halls on the oncology floor containing fifty beds, I am amazed and saddened that they are almost always all filled. This is a place of arduous challenge and overwhelming distress.

But there are also moments of solace and even gladness over the compassion and generosity that is often demonstrated to the children and families staying here.

Special thanks to Mary Davis, Elementary principal of Gloucester County Christian School, for organizing, and the families of GCCS for donating items that will be given to the Ronald McDonald family rooms here at CHOP. As a now somewhat experienced “cancer mom,” the support the family rooms provide is so beneficial. Something as small as being able to quickly grab a granola bar or wash your child’s favorite blanket is HUGE. Your generosity will truly bring comfort and cheer to the families here touched by cancer.

Another special thanks to Kim Lawlor and Jess Galvis and the families of Kings Christian School and Westhampton Elementary School for preparing and donating a total of 130 Valentine gift bags to the children here at CHOP. I am told they will be delivered tomorrow. How exciting! What joy  your generosity will bring to children who are suffering, bored and sometimes very sad. You can count on an abundance of smiles happening here this weekend. And that is a rare and precious occurrence.

Thank you for being true disciples of Jesus by living out his admonition to love our neighbors and take care of the needy. May God bless you fully for your kindness.

We are staying here in the oncology unit until at least tomorrow afternoon. Grace be with you, my friends.

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