Just Breathe

Drew and Melissa Franklin’s oldest son is in Justin’s class. We have bonded this past year over our faith and God’s grace in the midst of the overwhelming burden of cancer.

Last night, I visited Drew and Melissa at HUP. His room is only walking distance from where Jeff and I lived with Justin just a few short months ago at CHOP.

I listened in awe as Drew expressed his faith in God’s sovereign plan as he faces the unimaginable. Drew and Melissa are asking God for a miracle, but are still able to humbly say, “Thy will be done.” If this is not a living testament of faith in God’s goodness and grace, then I don’t know what is.

A rare type of lymphoma, which was diagnosed in the fall of 2015, has moved into Drew’s lungs and is aggressively attacking his ability to breathe. Please pray for their endurance and strength as my friends lean heavily on the power of the Spirit, words of Truth and each other.

Breathe, Drew. Just breathe.


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