Joy Beyond

Jesus has given us joy beyond what I could expect or imagine. A friend and reader has lent us the use of her family’s adorable beach house in Ocean City. (A very special thank you for this wonderful blessing.)

I immediately thought of Drew and Melissa. She and I packed up our cancer patients and kids and hit the Expressway.

There’s something about salty air and sea breezes that lift the spirits. The sound of the waves and view of an immense ocean always settles itself in my soul, giving me a little bit of that feeling like I’ve just come home.

It sure seems to have strengthened Justin. He is sore and not eating much, but still managed to frolick in the sand and waves with his brothers and friends.

We shared pizza and Psalms last night, enjoying the community of being around a table together. We are connected by our faith and belief in God’s sovereign control over cancer and pain and our very lives.

With dinner in our crockpots, we are headed to pick up a beach wheelchair. Drew made it just beyond the dunes yesterday, but we think he needs some of that sea on his toes.

All glory to God for this renewing gift. And for strengthening me enough to pack, load, unload, walk, cook, haul beach stuff, feed my kids, sunblock my kids, discipline my kids, etc. Well, you get the idea. Grace be with you, my friends.


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