One Simple, Incomprehensible Thing


Except for some lingering soreness and bruising, I recovered well from surgery and was back in the game today, hauling kids in the mini-van and slinging bags full of groceries. I wasn’t purposely being mysterious about the nature of the surgery, just vague because I wanted to get test results before sounding any alarms. I mean, really, we’ve had enough problems.

As it turns out, my thickened waistline wasn’t ALL Oreos. Okay, mostly. But after experiencing pain and discomfort for a few weeks, it was discovered that I had a softball-sized (as my doctor described it) ovarian mass, which needed to be removed and biopsied. I know. Ew.

It was benign. Glory to God.

You may be thinking as I have recently. How many health diagnoses can one person get, for crying out loud? And why does God keep taking me through painful unknowns when I also have a child on chemotherapy?

Well, I don’t know. But I know this: whatever the reason, it is GOOD. I know, here I go again. Saying the same old thing. Romans 8:28 and all.

But maybe we don’t need bigger and newer. Maybe we don’t need to dwell on what may seem better and deeper. Trending topics and brilliant prose.

Maybe we just need to know and believe and grasp firmly to one simple,  incomprehensible thing expressed all throughout the greatest Book of all time. And maybe we just need to be reminded of this truth over and over again as our fickle minds so readily cling to distraction.

Maybe we need to live it.

I use the adjective “incomprehensible” because we can’t REALLY understand how God works ALL things together and for GOOD taboot! Mind blowing and, frankly, impossible to understand the billions of details that would need attention. But, oh, how faith can simplify! 

I think God is revealing this to me repeatedly: that He will take me through the valley for his good purposes but will provide the trust I need to NOT fear. And He will give me the grace I need to STILL belive that He is GOOD. That is all God. Trust me, I’m a binge-eating-Hallmark-channel-basket-case apart from Christ.

God is glorified when I share what He lovingly reveals to me even though it often hurts. So I will continue to do so. Like probably next week or in a few days. Professing the same theme, although the story line may change, and expressed through my grammatically challenged ramblings. No matter, for we have the truth:

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8: 28

One simple, incomprehensible thing. Grace be with you my friends.




2 thoughts on “One Simple, Incomprehensible Thing

  1. Love you!
    Thank you for sharing your heart and your experience. Your insight speaks so deeply to me like a message straight from God. Your humor brightens as it continues to express your experience!
    Miss you 💞


  2. Praise God! I am so glad to hear that your tumor was benign and that you are back in the game. I love to read your writing.
    God bless you!
    Love, Pat


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