No Greater Love

I have had new words based on thoughts about the Resurrection milling around my brain these last few days, but no time to write them. This poem published last year. Just my own little punctuation on Gospel grace and truth. ~KP

grace steps

I see you in the garden, trembling and pale.

Your words pouring out, honest and real;

Boldly proposing some other way,

Knowing you were to be betrayed.

Then handed over to more debase,

Scourged and mocked and disgraced;

Rejected, abandoned and crucified,

Bearing our sin until you died.

I see you in the garden, shiver with dread;

Sweating profusely until you bled.

Although my thanks I can’t nearly express,

Part of me wants to shout in protest.

Father, please don’t let Him take my place!

He is righteous, innocent and worthy of praise.

And I am but a sinner, lost in my debt

With nothing to offer, already dead.

Yet, because of the cross my standing is changed.

I’m considered justified, and my sin is exchanged

For righteousness, life and an eternal home.

I am free; I am loved; I am saved; I am known.

How can this be, this…

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