Faith at a Fishing Post

IMG_4978Whew! So much to do. Having a great time. Justin and I took it easy at the Village today while Jeff, Nicky and Michael hit all the Disney rollercoasters.

We swam, fished, played mini golf and shared the world’s best banana split for lunch. Justin rode a horse and the carousel. He personalized his star in the castle of dreams where the “fairy” will hang it on the ceiling  and leave us a note in our room saying exactly where to look for it tomorrow. It will stay in the Castle of Dreams “forever” along with the 6,000+ other stars already displayed.

Okay about fishing. Sure, Justin, mommy can fish. Um…what? I agree to this with no real plan. A Village volunteer hands me two fishing poles and a cup of night crawlers. “Have a great time!” Right. Ugh.

I push on thinking it will all work out. And…Providence! There’s a family of fishermen from Maine already on the dock. My new friend rips the worm in half without batting an eye and baits Justin’s hook. Luck? Nah, I don’t believe in it. It’s faith that moves mountains.

My website is being fickle right now, but many more pictures to come…

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