Faith. Love. BBQ.

One advantage to Jeff’s traveling is that we get to stay in nice hotels with good views and concierge lounge privileges for the cost of…well…him traveling.

Our room borders the Ohio River and affords a nice view of Cincinnati, known for extra yummy BBQ. We found a great little casual place in the city, with amazing brisket, chicken and coleslaw. Their slogan? Faith. Love. BBQ. What else do you need!

Tomorrow we explore the ark. Just a few amazing facts. The ark is 510 feet long and made of 3,300,000 wooden boards. It was built by Amish carpenters, using timber framing techniques, which is a system of carving wood beams to fit together and using pegs instead of nails, screws or any other type of metal fixtures. Without modern methods, the ark replica took longer to build but is more authentic when compared to the original ancient structure.

Okay. Wow. My inner nerd just really took over. See you tomorrow!

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