Day 605

Justin has managed just about every other day at school since starting last week. Of course, it would be ideal if he could make it everyday. IMG_6704

But we don’t live in the ideal around here. And if YOU do, please tell me what THAT is like.

Every time Justin attends school is a major accomplishment. He generally comes home exhausted, as his little body continues to work extra hard to process heavy drugs and fight off cancer cells. IMG_6707

A very special thank you to Justin’s teacher, Miss Barr, for her willingness to accommodate his special needs and collaborate with me on making up missed assignments at home.

We have just about reached the midway point of Justin’s treatment. Eighteen months down, eighteen to go.

This weekend, we travel to Washington D.C. where I’ll finally get to meet our pediatric cancer advocacy twitter team in person! These are some extraordinary cancer parents and former pediatric cancer patients who have worked long and hard to raise awareness and advocate for better research funding.

IMG_6711Jeff, the boys and I will also take part in a candle light vigil at the White House and a “walk for the cure.” Of course, I will post pictures so be sure to look for those.

Thank you for continued support. It seriously makes my day when someone takes a minute to simply say they’re still praying for us. Grace be with you, my friends.


My cousin just sent this over. Very cool. Grab some tickets and eat a cheese steak for me!  


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