Cancer Mom Confessions

EF008A41-BBCB-4663-A259-6B7AEC333800Yesterday I got to hang out, I mean teach, some of my favorite high school seniors. We somehow got talking about what it’s REALLY like to have kids.

I told them I often think about getting in the car by myself and driving away. Very, very far away.

I was kidding (not really), of course, and quickly added: I’m not the best person to weigh in on this subject right now, okay! I have a sick child and a huge-ridiculously-cute-but-dumb-three-month-old-puppy-who’s-already-stronger-than-me, who I only purchased to bring joy to the sick child and his stressed out siblings.

Homeschooling and housebreaking. Trying to beat cancer and the smell of wet dog.

Then the dog gets a shot and has some weird hyperactive reaction and you find yourself sitting up all night with him so he’ll stop waking everyone up, running around the house barking at walls. This is not for the faint of heart.

Only for those, perhaps, with more heart than brains.



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