Cancer Mom Confession

What do cancer moms really think when we are judged? Please. We are too busy with real problems. We don’t give a crap.

With her permission, I have shared an unedited conversation between myself and Ruth McCrea, a friend in Canada. I have never met Ruth, but I know her very well because she is also a cancer mom.

And a dang good one, too. This is a mom, who, in an unbelievably selfless act of solidarity, shaved her long, lovely hair when her beautiful baby girl lost hers to chemo.

Ruth posted the following comment on Twitter, and the rest is our subsequent conversation:

I ate very well and took care of myself. I ran and did yoga daily while pregnant, had unmedicated/natural childbirth, breastfed exclusively, fed her organic food, etc. At 2 she was diagnosed with cancer and has relapsed 3 times. Tomorrow I’m eating Blizzards. Life’s too short!

Me: Hi friend, hope you don’t mind the DM. Am wondering if I may quote you on my blog. Your last tweet about doing everything right while pregnant, breastfeeding etc., and life being too short. I love that. And I think sometimes people judge us who have children with cancer. Like we just fed them processed crap all day or something. I didn’t do everything “right” when I was pregnant and didn’t buy only organic. But I did the best I could. Anyway, I’d love to put your quote out there to my readers. Of course, I would give you credit by name. If you’d rather I don’t, though, I completely understand. Hope Mini continues to be the boss over the devil from hell, which is pediatric cancer. Lots of love from one cancer mom to another.

Ruth: Please do!

…and yes, of course they do. I try not to be too jaded about it and just move on. If anything it’s helped me round-out as a person. I had never even shopped at Walmart before (I know) and was almost embarrassed to buy a non-organic vegetable.

Now I occasionally say, “Do you guys want McDonalds for dinner?” …and I don’t even feel bad about it!

This meme is super powerful too I think! In a funny way…

Or Tweet I guess it is. Multiple close-friends have sent it to me.


I was Cynthia pre-cancer.

Me: Lol! So funny. I love your disposition. Thanks for letting me share and keep keeping it real mama.

Ruth: 💛 Night-night


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