From One Cancer Mom to Another…

A good friend just told me about a classmate of her kids being very recently diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). This is the same as Justin.

My friend referred this child’s mom to my blog.

I don’t have her contact information. But I wouldn’t reach out anyway, to be honest. Not now. At the beginning, you are surviving and trying everything in your power to stay sane.

But, my friend, if you happen to be reading, I have a personal message for you. THIS WILL BE AWFUL. BUT YOUR CHILD WILL LIVE. AND GOD IS WITH YOU. In the hospital, in your home, on the floor. All the lonely moments in the night when it’s just you and your kid catching vomit, fighting for pain relief, comfort, sleep and the morning light to come.

It WILL come. God does NOT leave a sick child. This is evidenced to me in the way Justin speaks about God and Heaven. He believes because he KNOWS.

It’s a special kind of grace for sick kids. I have SEEN it.

Don’t respond to this or anyone for that matter. For now, just find a pillow you can scream into and a song that brings you peace.

If nothing comes to your addled, overwhelmed, exhausted mind, then please take mine. Grace be with you, my friend.

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