Day 990

Well, I got a job. Unless my criminal background check turns up a felony I’ve forgotten about.

I’ll be working at The Children’s Choice social services, in the Human Resources department, as a recruiter, performing phone interviews for potential case workers.

I am going to work Monday, while Jeff is homeschooling Justin and making dinner.

On that note, Jeff would like me to distinctly STRESS to our readers to please contact us if you know of any positions available in I.T.

I am convinced more than ever of God having a sense of humor.

After training, I can typically work from home, which fits in really well with my hectic cancer momming schedule.

God provides! Thank you for continued support and prayer. A very special thank you to the lovely Sharon Cline, who has faithfully sent us an encouraging note every month since the beginning. Always a big cheer-up to open her cards!

Here’s a few pics from our adventures this week. Justin was able to play soccer and attend computer class at school, while also keeping up with his studies at home. God is good!


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