In Loving Memory

A while back I posted about a cancer mom I had connected with on social media. Ruth is a beautiful, funny, dynamic person and a tiger cancer mom.

Her beautiful little girl has become an angel and will be forever four years old.

I had to pause to remember her.

Today, grief is like a heavy boulder that I must carry even though it cuts into the skin and tries to pin me underneath of it.

And that is nothing compared to what I can only imagine her parents feel. Please take a moment with me to plead for the presence, wherever they are in this moment, of the only One Who can truly comfort.


Minimosa Eloise Mcrea 



One thought on “In Loving Memory

  1. Hey Mama,
    I don’t comment all the time, but I read and I love you and I’m so looking ahead in anticipation for your “finish line” this spring for Justin’s treatments. Praying for you, your stomach, and for strength for each day. Love you, friend.


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