Day 1097

Finding individual time with the boys is really tough, but once in a while we manage it.

Playing monopoly with Nicky. Watching the Sixers game with Michael. Justin did a little of each then konked out.

We also got out recently to spend some Christmas gift cards on lunch at Olive Garden and “Mary Poppins Returns.”

Yes, I used my surgery guilt to get the boys to go. But, they ended up enjoying it in spite of their no girlie movies campaign.

I am mostly recovered, but sadly eating a lousy three cheese fries made me sick. Three FRIES, not three orders. Without a gall bladder, the body is missing its fat digesting factory so I currently can’t eat cheese steaks and pepperoni pizza. But I also couldn’t walk around vomiting up my necrotic organ.

Anyway. This could turn out to be a really good remedy for my junk food addiction.

Justin will return to clinic February 1st to start his next round of chemo. We finally found a reasonably priced indoor pool so Justin can work on his dream of being on a swim team this summer, while also doing some much-needed physical therapy. God is good. Grace be with you, my friends.




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