Cancer Mom Confession

Due to the nice break in weather yesterday, I took Buddy and the boys to air out some at the dog park.

This was my first time at such a place.

What a strange, disgusting concept.

Let’s put a bunch of dogs in a fenced in area, so they can run around slobbering and sniffing each other’s butts, while their owners stand around and chat each other up.

So I smiled and said stuff like:

“How old is your dog?” (I don’t really care) and “Oh he’s a big one!” (That is a seriously ugly mug)

But the boys were happy, especially Michael. So I pretended to like it, too, even though I was innerly retching. This is a mother’s love and that’s about it because the whole dog scenario has not grown on me one iota.

Except this iconic-looking picture – boy and his dog – makes me smile because I know that in this moment Michael was perfectly at peace.

Yup. The good Lord works in mysterious ways.




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