Day 1305

We made our monthly trip to the oncology clinic today. I’m thrilled to report Justin’s cell counts are good which means his blood and bone marrow are still clean and free of leukemia. We are so very grateful!

We have successfully moved to a rancher, which is something we’ve been wanting to do for some time. I don’t talk about it much anymore, but I was diagnosed with congenital muscular dystrophy in 2014. I have a rare form of this disease, which varies in how it affects different people and can onset at birth or adulthood. But, generally, it’s a progressive condition and currently there is no treatment or cure. For me, it showed up with a vengeance at age 36 and changed an active, energetic, fit mom (okay somewhat) into an achy, much physically weaker, easily fatigued mom, who is prone to pain distraction techniques involving lots of sugar.

Anyway. The actual move was hard on me, really hard. But the long-term lack of several daily climbs up and down stairs will hopefully improve my general state of well-being. Also we happen to really like this house.

God is gracious and God is good.

Here’s a few snaps of the new crib as we unpack and attempt to prepare for the holidays. I would show you our bedroom but that might just be weird.

Thank you for continued support and prayer as we press on in faith and hope. As I write from our couch, this current location is emitting an undesirable odor, but I can’t decide if it’s rotten food under the cushion, dirty socks shoved into the cracks, teenage boy smell, adolescent boy smell or worse — dog! Ew. Grace be with you, my friends.

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. Psalm 71:5,14

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