Real Mom Confession

I am particularly excited about TOMORROW, as the boys return to school, after living through three years of homeschooling a cancer patient on chemo and a truck load of high octane steroids. 

I am particularly excited about this MONTH because it marks just about 4 years since Justin was diagnosed with leukemia. He still remains in remission. He is not without physical, social and emotional struggles. But he is HERE. He is getting a little stronger everyday. He is doing great in school. And I get to see his life slowly transform back into something that looks a lot like normal. 

And, finally, I am also particularly excited about FROZEN CHICKEN. Because it’s always there for you when you can’t get out of bed all day but still have four hungry guys to feed.  

In some ways, as Justin continues to leave his disease in the dust, mine is taking on a new fervor for kicking my butt. Maybe it was all along and I just didn’t notice because I was too busy pushing and pulling my little boy to stand up, press on and beat down all horrific things related to childhood cancer.

Anyway. I may be falling behind some but, by His grace, I am still pushing my boys ahead with all I got.

Even if all I got is frozen chicken. 

I don’t know if your new year will be happy or healthy or what. But, whatever comes, remember you are KNOWN and LOVED by a King!

In the day I cried out you answered me and made me bold with strength in my soul. Psalm 138:3


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