What About the Torn Little Children?

Staying home allegedly advocates for the elderly and immunodeficient.

But who is advocating for the thousands of children being abused every day?

Being abused RIGHT NOW.

These children are now stuck at home with their abuser, who has very possibly lost their job, with no chance to go to school or day care and get a break from the maltreatment.

Where is the outrage for these children?

I want you to see them. They are locked in dark cabinets, sheds, closets. They are beaten, burned and cut. They are starved or forced to eat revolting things like animal feces. They are naked, defiled, shamed. They are called names, screamed at, spit on. They haven’t been hugged, loved or held in months, years, maybe ever.

Yes, I am purposely using rhetoric that will incite an emotional response. Be disgusted at me if you will.

The fact is, child protective agencies are reporting up to fifty percent fewer calls pertaining to instances of child abuse. This is NOT because it’s not happening. It’s because these children are not being SEEN by teachers, day care workers and other mandated reporters. Social workers are seeing their kids on FaceTime or sometimes at the front doors of their homes. 

You can’t always see bruises and burns standing six feet away. 

I appreciate the problem of COVID-19 and I empathize for those who have lost someone. I really do.

But what about the torn little children?

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