Blood Donations

Several of you have asked about donating blood for Justin. First of all, thank you for such a thoughtful, sacrificial offer. I spoke to the oncology nurses about this. Their response was that there would be no way to ensure that Justin would receive any particular blood donation. But general donations are always needed if you’d like to donate to your local American Red Cross facility. You can always donate “in honor of Justin.” He will be receiving regular blood transfusions.

However, food donations would be much appreciated to the Ronald McDonald house located on our floor. There is a house in the oncology department here at CHOP which provides free services to families of long term patients such as meals and laundry facilities. Last night, they provided pizza and cupcakes to all families on our floor. (I only had one cupcake. Ok maybe two.) As you can imagine, food and coffee can get expensive for parents staying long term. Anyone interested in donating to us or the hospital, I would like to encourage you to consider contacting the Ronald McDonald house on the oncology floor at CHOP so that other families can benefit from donations on our behalf. (Our room is currently well stocked with goodies and snacks! Thank you!)

Grace be with you.

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