Heart Mending

When I say that Jesus is here, I mean He is REALLY here. My body is exhausted and keeps wanting to fail, but He is holding me up. Jesus is breathing strength into my legs and, though I am in pain, I keep getting up by His power. Without Jesus, I’d come completely undone.

Justin’s brothers and his friend came to visit this afternoon. It was just what he needed. Justin got out of bed (with our help) and played Legos with the other boys. He was smiling and very engaged. The boys were amazing with him, too. They made up a “play” to entertain Justin. It was very sweet and I was so proud of them. I don’t think I’ll ever forget those moments and how my sons loving each other warmed my heart.

But there was even more cause for joy today! I received gifts for Justin and myself but they came with a wonderful story.

I substitute teach at my kids’ school (Gloucester County Christian) and have gotten to know many students there. A girl, whom  I taught in eleventh grade, heard about Justin being hospitalized with Leukemia. (Okay, truth be told, it was Trigonometry class. I handed out worksheets and just kinda talked with the kids after telling them that Trig is way beyond me!) So, anyway, this lovely young lady wanted to do something to show love and support for us. She spent her own money that she received as a gift for Christmas on the most thoughtful, sweet little gifts you’ve ever seen.

She doesn’t want any attention drawn to her. I checked with her mom before I included this story. She said it was fine because I agreed not to mention her name. But I just had to share! So we can be delighted together over the love and compassion God plants and grows in our hearts.

These were precious, heart-mending moments at an unspeakably difficult time. I am sure God put this desire on her heart. He continues to touch me with His spiritual presence here at the hospital. And by working through His dear servants.

I am in the valley but I am not alone. God continues to push back the fear, and reveal the depths of  his grace. My cup runneth over. Grace be with you, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Heart Mending

  1. Katie, I was with a friend last night who received a text from a friend of hers….about your blog. My friend said I should follow this blog as the posters son was sick and her faith was amazing….she said your name and the air around me went still, I could only hear her from far away and things started to go black. I will follow, everyday. I will pray without ceasing. Please tell me what you need from the worldly side – CHOP is close, I can be there in 30 minutes. I can cook, shop, do laundry, bring toiletries….I love you. I’m praying, I’m praying.


  2. Precious is the heart that diligently seeks and is sensitive to the presence of the Lord in every circumstance. Such a heart pleases the Father and will be guarded by the Master as He carefully refines your faith.
    Keep lookin’ up!


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