Living on Psalm 27

I am lying in bed with Justin as he gets an echocardiogram to check his heart. Leukemia can attack the organs so the doctors are being very diligent in monitoring. Justin was fighting us and the poor technician so I rubbed his back and played worship music. He is calm now.

I am living on Psalm 27 like air and water. My legs have had enough of me pushing them without rest. I had to give in and take pain killers this morning. I am still able to get up and walk. Thank you, Jesus.

Justin is experiencing severe leg pain so we had to increase his morphine. He tried to get up on his own when his brothers were here yesterday. I was happy to see him trying, but it broke my heart when his legs gave out. He is not able to stand or walk at all.

Our oncologist said this ability will return as the chemo continues to attack and kill the leukemia in his bone marrow. Justin will also have physical therapy each day. I am confident his walking ability will return.

If Justin stays fever free, we could go home as early as next Tuesday and continue chemo on an outpatient basis. If the fever returns, we will need to stay and have his blood regularly checked.

I would not be able to physically get back up without bothering my husband for help. Not that he would mind, but we have enough going on. Instead, I am continually in the posture of being on my knees praying in heart and mind.

Justin is currently opening cards and gifts from his kindergarten class. How very sweet you are! And how very much we appreciate these moments we get to see his little smiles.

Thank you for praying with us. Grace be with you, my friends.


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