Justin was able to be unhooked from his IV fluids. We celebrated his newfound freedom by taking a walk down to the cafeteria for pancakes!

Of course Justin had to be carried. (He wanted nothing to do with a wheelchair) However, he did stand and take one step with our help!

Coming off the IV fluids and taking a step with help, are evidences of major progress! I know the prayers of many are continually going up on Justin’s behalf. I want you to know that God IS hearing us and is placing His healing hand on Justin.

God continues to sustain me as well. I met one of the other moms on the oncology floor today. Her four-year-old daughter, Claire, has a rare form of cancer and has had chemotherapy and radiation since she was diagnosed in September. Her mom and I sat and talked and shared our hearts about this incredibly difficult journey.

She is more seasoned at this than I and was able to share good tips and strategies for dealing with this life-altering illness. It was such a breath of fresh air to talk with someone who totally “gets it” and can relate to what we are going through and how it feels. I know God put her in my path.

I asked my new friend if we could pray for Claire. She enthusiastically agreed! I’m asking you to mention her as well when you pray for Justin.

I’m planning to connect with my new friend again. We talked about perhaps getting Justin and Claire together in the playroom when they are both feeling up to it.

At the end of our conversation, she said something that has resonated with me all day. “From one cancer mom to another, it really does get better.”

Cancer mom. Now that’s a title I never expected to bear. Praying God gives me the grace to bear it well.

Jesus continues to be the source of my joy. He has truly revealed to me that the kind of joy He gives can reach as far as the sad, dark places where moms hover over our sick babies hour after hour. Neglecting our own personal care to focus all of our energy on trying to ease our child’s pain, fear and frustration. Feeling pain in your chest because you don’t think your heart can possibly break anymore. Yes, the kind of joy Jesus gives can go there.

Grace be with you, my friends.

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