Praying the Psalms

The stomach X-ray results were good. Justin’s blood work showed definite dehydration. He’s admitted and on IV fluids. They aren’t letting him eat right now to give his stomach a break. But he’s been crying all morning for food. Truth be told, I gave him a few crackers I found in my purse. Yes, I will admit that when the doctor comes in.

I’m sitting beside Justin’s bed with my Bible open to Psalms, both  reading and praying through them. That is, in between diaper changes and holding a cup for sips of Gatorade.

One thought on “Praying the Psalms

  1. God will carry you through this. Praying for your joy to be full through as you give it all to God. Praying little Justin will have peace and begin to feel better. Praying that his spirit does not weaken.
    Love, Pat


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