Love and Lemonade


A very special thank you to our friends who stopped by to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand in honor of Justin and other childhood cancer warriors. We dedicate our time and efforts to all the children and families living in this struggle.

Grace be with your every high and low, every needle stick and surgery, every fear and anxiety, every tear and tantrum, every mouth sore and stomach pain, every port access and adhesive removal, every victory and defeat, every “yucky oral meds time” and chemo infusion, every steroid-induced-binge-eating session and time spent vomiting, every physical and occupational therapy session, every rude stare and kind word, every blood draw and transfusion, every gift and sacrifice, every thought and feeling, every radiation treatment and scan, every piece of good news and bad, every shock and strand of hair lost, every sleepless night and day spent surviving, every exam and counseling session, every real and forced smile, every hospital stay and homecoming.

Every joy and every sorrow.

This post is dedicated, with love, to Alex’s family. Alex, you are a hero. Thank you for your legacy of love and lemonade.

Alexandra Scott


Jan. 18, 1996 – Aug. 1, 2004


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