It’s All Grace


Justin received a second blood transfusion yesterday. His white blood count is 10. Yes, 10. A normal count is in the thousands. He has no ability to fight infection right now. Our nurse told us to pack a bag for the hospital. But I think I’ll just wait and see what God says.

This picture was taken yesterday at clinic after many hours of waiting for blood to be delivered and transfused. Still strong in spirit, Justin was showing his “muscles” and goofing around.

He said, “Mommy, just cause I cry a little bit when I get my port, [central line accessed with a butterfly needle in his chest] I still don’t let it keep me down.”

That’s right, baby, that’s right.

He’s actually been listening to all my car ride motivational speeches. Just one more thing. And this part is important.

It’s all by the grace of God. It’s all grace.

One thought on “It’s All Grace

  1. Praying for God’s intervention and healing. What ever you and God are doing is working on Justin’s spirit. Praying that his faith stays strong and God’s healing hand brings up Justin’s blood count.
    Don’t lose faith Katie. God is your joy and your strength.
    Love, Pat


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