Getting Our History On


What amazed me most about Colonial Williamsburg were the men and women who stood for hours – full costume, tights and everything – in the heat. And still managed to smile and say “Good day, Madame.” I was wickedly tempted to ask, “Do you really like this job? C’mon, be honest.”

My favorite stop was the Governor’s Palace, mostly because it was like Lady Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey) meets Scarlett O’Hara (Gone With The Wind). The palace had all the necessary elements of English and Southern snobbery. Although I don’t know what those people were so high-falutin’ about. They pooped in pots.

Other favorite moments included enjoying English fare at an authentic 18th century tavern and watching Michael mix clay with his feet. We learned that children in colonial Virginia worked with clay, making bricks, for up to twelve hours a day. What am I doing wrong? My boys complain over taking out the garbage.

We are back at the campsite now, and the boys are swimming happily. I’m hiding behind a deck chair trying to get a moment’s peace. Thank you for journeying with us. I’m so grateful and happy to report that Justin and I are both holding up well. Grace be with you, my friends.


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