In The Place Where He Has Brought Us

Sometimes when I am in a place where there are many children, I wonder why mine is the only bald little boy, battling cancer and devastating side effects of chemotherapy with all of his fifty-five pound strength.

But then I see Justin regaining his appetite and strength after being wiped out and pushed down by chemicals that attack not only the harmful leukemia cells in his body. I see him enjoying his favorite meal, spaghetti and meatballs. And I see him goofing around, trying to “surf” on boogie boards with his brothers. I see him just being a kid again, and I know he is NOT fighting alone.

Justin often says that God helped him to do something or God caused something to happen. I believe Jesus is forming a friendship with Justin and growing a knowledge and understanding of God in him that is deeper and more intimate than his parents and brothers might ever know here on earth.

Justin talks about dying like it is something to be gained and achieved. He seems to KNOW, not just believe, that heaven is a wonderful place, far superior to our earthly comforts and pleasures.

Justin knows all about pain and suffering. He knows about real fear, not just the “monster-in-my-closet” kind. But I am convinced he also knows, by revelation of the Holy Spirit, about those God-things that are beautiful and safe and secure and full of hope. And that brings me more joy than my little boy having a pain-free, charmed childhood full of “happy” experiences and material things that don’t last.

I don’t like this place we’re currently in. What parent would? I hate it. I hate cancer.

But I trust God and His ability and faithfulness to work out His good purposes in this place where he has brought us. Grace be with you, my friends.


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