Day 403

Picture Commentary and Update on A Wish 

CIPN (chemo induced peripheral neuropathy). Toe walking, foot pain, leg weakness. Justin’s custom-designed-blue camo-lime-green-flame-strap-heel-cord-stretching-boots were ready today. The goal is to wear them six hours a day while sleeping. We will start with an hour a day during screen time, slowly increasing length of time, as well as progressively tightening the straps for a deeper stretch. Justin said, all big blue eyes, “Mommy, will I still be able to play good at baseball?” Darn right you will. He will continue physical therapy each week.

Justin flashes me a number 1. Okay, yes, I made him do it. This week marks our anniversary of ONE YEAR IN REMISSION!!! We have some fun things planned Friday night to celebrate.

YoGo Factory treats for earning points in our homeschool classroom. We teachers like to call this a “reward” but, let’s be honest, we are bribing them and there’s no way around it.

Make-A-Wish granted Justin’s wish for a trip to Legoland in Florida and threw in Disney World, too. Why not. We are looking forward to our trip this coming May. Except I have to lose ten pounds of ice cream and cheese before I have a prayer of getting my shorts on.

Oh and the boots are nothing but COOL in our house. Not weird. Not strange. Not funny. Just super cool. Like we all wish we had a pair. Really proud of Nicky, who caught on quick. I’m working on Michael. Although, to be fair, Nicky DID say Justin looked like a veteran from World War II. But that was actually fine because Nicky somehow made that sound like a good thing.

Thank you for continued prayers and support. Grace be with you, my friends.

The LORD is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him. Nahum 1:7

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