Day 444 and Research Matters

There were tears over not being able to find a vein in his hand. Justin’s fell on my lap. Mine were bitten back. Stored up for later.

But after that it was fun and laughs. Justin and I shared snacks and squared off on Scrabble Junior.

A very special thank you to Kathy for chicken nuggets, funny kitty videos and helping us kill time with a cutthroat Wii tournament.

Justin’s nurse is always ready with a smile. She hangs bag after bag of chemo and somehow makes you feel like it’s all very normal. It’s all okay.

In spare moments, I help to advocate for childhood cancer awareness and research funding. Research matters. There is a cure for acute lymphoblastic leukemia because a doctor at St. Jude’s (in the 1960’s and 70’s) refused to give up on treating what used to be the number one child killer. His research was funded and his protocol can cure.

There are currently many childhood cancers with very little to no survival rate. There is evidence that new immunotherapy trials are beginning to make a life-saving difference.

More research is needed. More funding is needed. Excerpts from this blog were published on the website of Children With Cancer UK. Foundations like this one exist to put a spotlight on the aforementioned needs and give hope to other childhood cancer families. Hoping I have succeeded to do this in some small way, by God’s grace. I really like how those Brits spell and call me mum, too.

Asked, today actually, by another foundation to write a piece on being a cancer mom. For Mother’s Day. Sure. Anything that helps these kids and families. Coming soon. By Him and for Him. Grace be with you, my friends.



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