Broken Mouths On Day 463

IMG_4474Our morning was spent in the hospital with Justin and a lip infection, which his body hasn’t been able to fight off. (Mouth sores are very unsightly, painful and inconvenient side effects of chemotherapy.) Last night it was DEFCON 1 nuclear tantrums, ice packs and, finally, leftover painkillers from his surgery. As of today, I’m eternally grateful for antibiotics and magic mouthwash.   IMG_4475

A quick few bites of lunch for me then on to whisking Nicky to his orthodontist appointment. Today was the day. Two hours and an obscene deposit later, Nicky is sporting braces with orange rubber bands. IMG_4479The smile has since disappeared. After countless smoothies, I have two cranky broken-mouthed kids begging for Tylenol.

I look on the bright side. Maybe they’ll stop talking for few days. 

Well we’re pretty sure Nicky isn’t “dying, Mom!” but, yes, mouth pain…Is. The. Worst. Is it bedtime yet? Almost. And tomorrow is a new day.

This coming week will be filled with writing a Mother’s Day article for St. Baldricks, celebrating Michael’s 8th birthday and packing for Justin’s wish trip. Look for trip pictures early next week. Jet-setting for sunny Florida early Tuesday morning. Joy!

Thank you for continued support, prayer and encouraging comments. We SO need them. Just caught Justin trying to set up a Facebook account on Jeff’s Kindle. What. Grace be with you, my friends.

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