Thoughts On A Wish (and pictures!)

The captain of American Airlines flight 1746 gave Justin a tour of the cockpit and a special “shout out” right before take off. Everyone clapped. The boys were all smiles. Between that and the limousine pick up, Justin now thinks his “fame” at Gloucester County Christian School is clearly spreading across the country.

Greeted at the Orlando airport by a “Give Kids the World” volunteer and escorted to the “Village.” (You can check out this special resort at

Ice cream for lunch and gifts for the boys upon arrival, including a Mickey doll for Justin, which has quickly become a favorite.

Made it to Universal Studios, this evening, in time for a tour of Hogwarts and Ollivanders Shop where a magic wand “chose” Nicky from the crowd.

Justin easily takes down a foot-long hot dog, then enjoyed the biggest bubble bath ever. Before bed, he and dad planned our day at Legoland tomorrow.

Thanks for praying for me. I’m so tired, but so happy! Good night. Love, Justin

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