It’s All Oddballs Here

Swimming, talent show and a tired mom at the Village tonight. Michael gets a “superstar makeover” and sang “We Are the Champions” for an enthused audience and really surprised parents.

Thoughts on Give Kids the World Village. Out in the “real world” people have sometimes stared at us. Hair loss, Make-A-Wish shirts, nuclear steroid-induced tantrums, a six-year-old in a stroller. Nobody stares at you here. Everyone’s kid has special needs here. Everyone gets it.

It’s not that I care so much what people think. It’s just a nice feeling to not be the oddballs for once. It’s all oddballs here.

I like it.

I had a super awesome time today. Tonight I’m taking a LOT of pills, including methotrexate. That one usually makes me feel pretty awful. Hope I can feel good tomorrow and have some more fun. Thanks for praying for me. Good night!

Love, Justin


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