Pirate Party and A Note From Justin

This evening at the Village there was a “Pirates and Princesses Party” by the pool, with games, costumes and ice cream. We enjoyed a train ride with Justin as the conductor, and the amazing electric train display at “Amberville Station”. We even had enough steam left to hang in the game room and play few holes of mini golf.

Justin was happiest today playing at the Village. Nicky and Michael are all about the theme parks, especially considering Michael’s new obsession with rollercoasters. Jeff is going to take them over to Disney tomorrow while Justin and I enjoy activities at the Village at our own pace with plenty of ice cream.

I didn’t really understand why I sometimes felt really cranky at the parks but my mom figured me all out. I don’t like crowds and noise. And I don’t like riding in a dumb stroller or wheelchair, but my feet hurt if I walk too much. And I just don’t really like rides too much. I’d rather play games and DO stuff. There’s LOTS of games here at the Village. And other kids like me who understand what it’s like to feel sick a lot. And the people here are so nice! They drive around in little carts with cookies and lemonade all day. Mommy says we can just play here for the rest of the trip, if I want to, and my brothers can go to the parks. I like that idea. Thanks for praying for me. Good night! Love, Justin 

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