Falling to Rise on Day 518

Michael is still having episodes of extreme anxiety along with problematic physical systems, otherwise known as an anxiety attack. But I’m experienced enough as a mom to know that we don’t use that word with a second-grader. It sounds a little too ominous.

A cognitive behavioral therapist visits once a week. She plays games with him. What looks like a regular board game, actually gets Michael to interact and talk about his feelings.

Question on game card: What is the worst thing that can happen to a person?

Michael: (without missing a beat) The worst possible thing EVER is cancer. Yeah, DEFINITELY.

And there it is.

IMG_5413Michael and Nicky both finished a week-long soccer camp today. Michael was hoping for a medal because he won last year. Well, we can’t win them all, honey.

It was Nicky who brought home a medal this year, his team winning the three-on-three tournament. This meant a lot to him because he does not have much confidence with team sports. He was very surprised and pleased. IMG_5420

“Guess I might keep playing soccer, mom.”

This meant a lot to ME because I prayed he would have a positive experience in an area I basically made him take part in. Yes, I believe God cares about the little details and grants us desires which He deems good.

My day included steroid tantrums and anxiety attacks. But there was also a friend showing up at just the right time and Nicky’s success.

Rising to fall and falling to rise. Funny. Makes me think about something a very smart person once said. In twelve given hours, there was good and there was not-so-good. But this immutable truth remains.

God is good. In all things. All the time. ~Drew Franklin, 1984 – 2016

All wisdom comes from the Lord,
and so do common sense and understanding. God gives helpful advice to everyone who obeys him
and protects all of those who live as they should. God sees that justice is done, and he watches over everyone who is faithful to him. Proverbs 2:6-8


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