Day 545

This and That 

IMG_5696Marine biology camp. VBS. New life Kids club. This week, I am mom, cancer mom, taxi driver, teacher and VBS volunteer. This week, I am tired. And grateful.

Special Thanks

IMG_5640Justin was visited by Marian Newell, author of The Sacred Ripple, which tells the story of her son’s battle with cancer as well as her journey with God. She and her husband gifted Justin with a new Kindle and a promise to ask their friend, a member of the crew on Air Force One, about a possible private tour.

The clothing company, Lands End, kindly surprised us with a large box of gifts in response to a tweet I posted recently. There were gifts for Michael and Nicky as well.

Tweet: Cancer mom confession — my favorite Lands End shorts are now a bit snug due to salt and vinegar chip binging. #ChoosingLaughter 

I think they knew better than to send me shorts in the next size up. Thank you for continued support and prayers. Grace be with you, my friends.

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