Thoughts on and Photo Gallery of the Ark Encountered

IMG_5993So, clearly, this thing is awe-inspiring. Magnanimous. Impressive. You get it. The ark is BIG. Also I should clarify that there may have been timber framing techniques used somewhere, but there were definitely thousands of bolts, nails, etc. involved. I mean this version had a restaurant, gift shop, restrooms, air conditioning, you get the idea.

I have lots of great pictures to share. But first a few thoughts about it being more than just the biggest theme park structure in the world. Okay, it’s a theme park so, yes, there are touristy elements involved to generate revenue. People are making money. I get that.

But if you are interested in Biblical authenticity and answers to difficult questions about God, as well as great arguments for many scientific objections to Biblical truth, this is the place to go. Don’t take very young children because they will get bored fairly quickly. But do go and experience a giant vessel of apologetics as well as the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly presented.

And the largest gathering of “Christian t-shirts”, I think, in the world.

Okay. Here we go. This isn’t the ark of your child’s Bible story book. This is a carefully and brilliantly designed barge which housed thousands of animals, enough food to keep them alive, ancient writings to be preserved and the intricately and intelligently planned living quarters, complete with an agricultural system, of one faithful family.

The Bible states that the original ark took one hundred years to complete, so it stands to reason that they had plenty of time to stock as well as prepare adequate, even comfortable, accommodations. So is all of what you’re about to see possible?

Yes. I believe it is.







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