Day 583


Justin’s birthday is Saturday. He received his first gift this year from Spain, a drawing made personally for him by a very special friend and reader.

I’m grateful for a God whom is much, much bigger than cancer. I’m grateful for a God-ordained medical treatment that can deliver a seventh birthday.

I’m busy preparing his shark-themed party courtesy of Pinterest, which I, actually, try to stay away from in order to avoid feelings of complete mom inadequacy. These people can decorate anything. Anyone who can turn their refrigerator into a work of art, and I don’t mean with your kids’ drawings and the shopping list, is way beyond my domestic abilities.

Also, this Saturday, Michael is performing in Pitman Broadway’s production of Dinosaurs After Dark. I have learned that adequate sleep, talking things through a LOT, and theatre camp has done wonders for Michael’s anxiety. His therapist feels that he no longer needs services at this time, so we are happily moving on.

I blew everything off this morning to binge watch Discovery channel with Nicky. Just hanging out, doing what he likes to do. Thankful for that time together.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Grace be with you, my friends.


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