CureFest 2017

Justin did not feel well this morning. Jeff stayed with him at our hotel, while Nicky and Michael acted as my support team.

We visited tents and show our support for the many different childhood cancer foundations. We also spent time volunteering in the “Kids Activities” tent. Michael did an excellent job “running” the obstacle course and Nicky helped me hand out prizes.

Also pictured above is Justin’s picture on the tribute wall and me taking the mustard challenge. “No More Kids With Cancer” is a foundation which raises awareness for the toxic treatments given to pediatric patients. A chemical used in chemotherapy is also used to make mustard gas. One day, they hope to raise enough support to fund research for less toxic treatments. Eating a spoonful of mustard is just a fun way to get people engaged. Except without a hot dog to go with it, I have to say that much mustard in your mouth is pretty gross. But keep up the good work, friends.

I could write pages and pages on our time spent here. These are people who care about making a difference. Even some who have lost a child to cancer still persevere in efforts to make better treatments, more cures and current pediatric cancer patients more comfortable and happy. To everyone I was able to meet and spend some time with, thank you and grace be with you, my friends.



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