Day 634

We are at the World Center Marriott where Jeff will be speaking at the ARMA conference. Association of Records Management Administrators. Or as we are calling it: the nerd conference.

I regretted not bringing Michael and Nicky for about five seconds until I saw another family with three boys in the airport. They were in a full on tackle football pile up by the luggage claim conveyor belt. We need a break from that and they need a break from their little brother’s chemo-induced cravings, tantrums and sickness.

Justin seems to be over the stomach bug and back to his normal ups and down. Or waves of feeling sick as he calls it. And being “the gremlin” which is what we call him when he’s having chemo-induced crankies.

Justin snapped a picture of us before dinner “for your anniversary, mom.” Yes, we had a belated steak dinner, which was lovely until Justin crashed into one of his waves.

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