Test Results

IMG_7339Justin’s liver toxicity screening came back showing elevated bilirubin, but, at this point, not dangerously. Except for the Vincristine infusion yesterday, his team is stopping all chemo until this resolves. I also got a “good catch, mom” and “continue to trust your instincts” which are welcomed compliments when you’re continually second guessing yourself over every little symptom.

Justin is having a rough time today recovering from a 100% Vincristine infusion, cranked up from 50 then 75%. We had cut it down to give his feet a break from neuropathy pain and heel cord shortening, but it’s too risky concerning relapse to stay at a lower dosage. Painful, messed up feet v. cancer relapse. The choice is obvious.

Except for steroids, Justin won’t take any oral chemo meds until his platelets stabilize and liver screening comes back normal. I guess it’s a break of sorts, but he’s still feeling “really sick and I just don’t feel good, mom.”

Thank you for continued prayer and support.

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