Day 679 (continued)


Justin’s body has recovered from its weary plunge into immunodeficiency. All his blood counts are stable, and his liver is functioning well.

This is great news! Except it means he started copious amounts of chemotherapy drugs again.

Justin handled IV placement, fasting, sedation, lumbar puncture and chemo infusion like a champion. I saw mental and emotional strength today; very unlike a seven-year-old, and something I haven’t seen before. He is getting stronger.

Justin is currently not feeling well, as I expected. I also expect steroid-induced mood swings and food cravings starting tomorrow. However unpleasant and difficult, this is familiar territory.

I took a bad headache on our way home but am coming through it now. A very special thank you to Anne for feeding my boys.

We are being carried. Your faithful prayers have been answered and your words continue to encourage.

God is with us still. His grace reaches into the place where there is hope but so much weariness. He cares enough to go there and hold me up.

Please continue along with us, as we are but halfway through. The road stretches long ahead of me, and I cannot see the end. Grace be with you, my friends.



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