Update on Day 777

Justin did really well today. He doesn’t FEEL well, but he handled IV placement and three, yes, three lumbar punctures very well. In the “childhood cancer world” pediatric cancer patients are often called warriors. Yes, he is.

Justin’s white blood cell count is again higher than his oncology team would like it to be. But his platelets are on the low side, and his liver toxicity screening again came back abnormal. They are not stopping chemo medications at this point, but we will need to watch him closely for signs of either issue becoming worse.

We talked about (hopefully) having one year of treatment to go. Justin said he will miss his favorite nurse (pictured below playing Hedbanz with Justin, a funny game similar to twenty questions) but will never, ever miss cancer. “Not in a million billion years, Mom.”


To Nicky and Michael: I see you, I love you, I’m doing my best for you.

Thank you for continued prayer and support.

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