Day 797

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about unplugging the boys’ Xbox, placing it in our driveway and backing over it with the mini-van. The fighting gets to me.

64E7696C-C765-48B8-B3D3-D86F7D1E82F7Justin seems to be holding up well, notwithstanding this month’s abnormal test results. He hasn’t taken up hockey, just lost a whole bunch of teeth in, like, two days. I have been watching him carefully for signs and symptoms of liver distress and/or low blood counts.

5DC158BC-5B98-4A0D-BF4D-7BF1C15B8CD6Nicky and Michael have revved up their “it’s not fair” campaign, citing Justin getting more TV time, etc. It never fails to amuse and annoy me that kids insist on demanding justice for everyone except themselves.

Buddy, the dog who we tolerate for his therapeutic qualities and love of our children, is still thriving despite his affinity for eating socks. I’m talking about whole, entire socks swallowed and regurgitated on our living room floor. And it really doesn’t seem to matter that I constantly pick up and keep a baby gate securely barring the stairs to our second level crime zone of laundry piles. He still finds them.

565AD829-A4D5-477E-83B6-569EF684D9C9Michael painted this mug for “your favorite drink, mom.” Yes, in fact, I’ll take a refill now. Thank you for continued support and prayer. God is faithful.

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